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Keeping Cool about Hot Weather Sleep!

Posted on June 28, 2015 at 2:55 PM

Summer weather is great fun for babies and children - they love playing outside and the fresh air and physical activity prepares their bodies for sleep; however those hot, sweltering, sweaty nights can really upset baby and children’s sleep.


Here are my top hot weather sleep tips to help you keep cool about hot weather sleep!


Prevent dehydration:

    Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids;

    Breastfed babies may require more frequent feeds, but avoid giving water to breastfed babies though as this may interfere with the feeding relationship and supply.

   Offer your Formula fed baby some cooled boiled water in a bottle between feeds;

   Older babies and young children will enjoy fruits, homemade fruit iced lollies, fruits, drinks with ice cubes etc which all help to keep children hydrated!


• If its very hot Keep your baby or child cooler through the day by sponging her with luke warm or cool water; the air movement over her damp skin will help to cool her (in the same way as perspiration/sweat does).


• Keep your baby’s bedroom cool by keeping the curtains/blinds shut during the day;


• Open windows and door throughout the house to encourage air flow throughout the house as much as you can during the day.


• The ideal bedroom/sleep temperature for babies and children is 16 – 20 °C (61 – 68 °F)


• Cool down the bedtime routine with a cool bath;


• Use a fan in the bedroom to keep the air moving and flowing in the bedroom; but make sure its not directed directly at your baby or child.


• Cut back on sleep wear; a good rule of thumb is to dress your baby for sleep in 1 layer more than you are comfortable in; try her in just a nappy and vest;


• Dress her in light weight, breathable natural fibre sleep wear – manmade/synthetic fibres can be very sweaty as they keep heat in.


• Beware of disposable nappies! The synthetic waist band can cause irritation and rashes in hot weather – very uncomfortable at night! Consider using cotton nappies during hot weather.


• Naps!! Beware of prams, moses baskets and car seats... prams and moses baskets can be airless so make sure your baby is in the shade, and if you can use a fan to keep the air moving around him (not directed on him;) - Also make sure she doesn’t nap in direct sunlight in the car, pram or carseat.


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