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What Parents Say... 2017

Posted on April 3, 2017 at 9:15 AM

15 months old struggling to settle:

"Ann has been an absolute star for us. Our son is a wonderful little boy, generally, as happy as can be...until he needed to go to sleep! Having been to three other people and trying various well known approaches, Ann concentrates on addressing a child's emotional needs and concerns as frequently being the root cause of why a child isn't sleeping. With her help, we have seen a huge improvement not only in our son's sleep but also in his behaviour being calmer, even happier and more relaxed. During the "process", Ann was extremely good at explaining what we needed to do as well as being there when occasionally things went a little awry (caused by our own doing!) so that we felt we had constant support throughout. We feel we have a very good friend in Ann and we would wholeheartedly recommend this approach to anyone; it really does work!"
The Wilman's, Child age 15 months.

2 year with disturbing night wakes...

My partner and I decided to try Nurturing sleep after a recommendation from a friend. We had reached a point where the lack of sustained sleep was causing problems not only for our little girl but was also taking its toll on us as parents. We hadn't slept more than a few hours for over 6 months. We found Ann to be very approachable and professional but also caring and sympathetic to our situation. We all worked closely together and it was through communication and guidance from Ann that we were able to identify things which we could change and steps which we could take to try and improve our lives.

Our daughter responded very well to small changes and we saw a marked difference in the first few days. The work on emotional aspects really seemed to work for her and actually brought us closer together as a family unit. A few weeks on and we have had a few nights of complete sleep with no interruptions. Everyone is happier and life is somehow just that bit easier. Everything is not perfect, this is not some magical fix, but through continued work and support from us as parents and from Ann as our sleep consultant we know that things will just keep on getting better.

Parent feedback from evaluations:

On a scale of 0 - 10, how would you rate the overall quality and relevance of the information, support and guidance provided?

10. I love how personalised the guidance was and your gentle approach was totally in tune with how to wanted to approach any type of sleep ‘training’. Almost everything you suggested worked and if it didn’t any further suggestions seemed to work – just like magic!

we would both say a 10


How did you feel about the level of support provided via email/phone/skype? Was it adequate, too much, not enough?

Absolutely perfect. We felt completely supported throughout the whole process without ever feeling like we needed more or that any chat was a waste. And when things got a bit rocky you were more than willing to slot in additional chats at very short notice!

Just about right. Skype chats were useful and discussions were very helpful. Email was very good as well. Replies were very quick and advice was clear.

Perfect amount.  

Did you find the written sleep plan and notes helpful? - was there anything that was particularly helpful or useful to you?

Very helpful! We went back to them on a number of occasions and really felt like they were completely customised to our situation and child. Also, the additional websites provided were incredibly useful and fully supported the notes provided.

Written notes were really useful. This was especially the case as we sometimes did not get to speak to you together but also it was written very clearly so we always had a base to return to.

Yes – the written plan and notes were extremely helpful – they were a great summary of the conversations had, avoided having to clarify small (often forgotten!) tips and were a useful point of reference. The introductory notes at the beginning of sleep work and the overview of the intended approach summarising the weeks ahead were so useful to help to understand what was to happen in the subsequent weeks. It made me feel less anxious about all of the changes given it was in a step-by-step approach and prepared me for the next step. 

Was there any specific element of your sleep work that you felt helped more than others? 

Understanding crying and play elements. I had to deal with my own hurts and fears  first which then made me a lot more comfortable when dealing with my child. With play elements also brought the whole family together creating a stronger, cohesive unit!

The introduction of the notion of play  was good and helped a lot. Also trying to understand why she was waking as opposed to just accepting that this was the norm was interesting. It was quite surprising just how quickly she changed.

Most notably, there were two aspects that stuck out for me which were changes I had no idea about, yet made a huge difference to sleep. The first was the play aspect  & Secondly, understanding crying.

How would you rate Value for money in terms of the sleep package you used?

Very very good! You’ve changed our lives….that’s priceless!!

Very good. It was helpful to have all of the notes sent and also extras which you thought would be useful. The chats were also good and we learned a lot from discussing things in this format. 

Very Fair; I would say that given the level of support provided (daily emails, twice weekly calls) and how quickly you responded to the many emails over the 6 weeks – the price was very fair. I also never felt rushed with the calls.

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