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Consultations and Support Chats

​Skype / FaceTime consultations for 1 child

2 hours: £125

  • Consultations for babies and children from 6 months;
  • Your first consultation will be around 2 hours in length, which allows time to ask questions and discuss the assessment and suggested approaches (1 child)
  • You will be asked to complete a parent form and health questionnaire before booking your consultation.
  • Fee includes a detailed review email of the main points of the consultation: i.e., the assessment, foundations and any specific approaches we discussed.
  • Follow up support calls are priced at £60 hour.

2 hour Skype / FaceTime consultations for 2 children: 

2 children different ages: £165

Twins (same age): £145

  • 2 hour​ consultation for 2 children from 6 months to 5 years,
  • Fee includes 2 review emails -1 for each child for children of different ages;
  • Follow up calls will be required, priced at £60 hour, includes review email.

Aims of the consultation:

  • Time for in depth investigation and to talk through your concerns;
  • Gain clarity and understanding of the underlying influences on sleep disturbance and behaviours;
  • Time for discussion of the assessment that will support understanding of the most appropriate way forward for your child;
  • Consultations are also ideal for toddler/pre-schooler behavioural difficulties.
  • After the 1st consultation, follow up support may be required and is offered in shorter support chats priced at £60 an hour;
  • The consultation fee includes a review email of the consultation including an overview of the main points of assessment, information on and implementation of the appropriate foundations and any specific approaches discussed, as well as links, articles and handouts as appropriate to support your process.
  • 2 review emails are sent after consultations for 2 children.

Review emails:

A full review email of the consultation main points will be sent after the consultation. However, my support does not include detailed / full sleep plans or email support . This is because I don't work with behavioural approaches which rely on universal timings and approaches; my approach is child led - that is, it is progressive and based on your baby or child's unique needs and progression. Therefore, if further support is required after the first consultation, a follow up, or series of follow up calls are more powerful and effective in supporting the resolution of  sleep issues and problematic behaviours. In some cases referrals to other professionals and therapists may be required:

Referrals to other therapists:

My approach to sleep is not based on behavioural sleep training, it is a holistic approach drawing on my training and research in prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. Therefore, if there is a need I will suggest a referral to other therapists to ensure all underlying factors influencing sleep are addressed. Think of this process as similar to a GP doctor in that they will refer out to specialists to ensure the best possible treatment and care for their patients.

Why Skype/FaceTime?

Phone support is not appropriate and so, not available.- 

Face to face skype/FaceTime consultations & support chats are much more effective because visual connection aids overall communication and understanding of approaches, theories and concepts - remember, this approach is not sleep "training" so not based specially on timings, schedules, behavioural techniques - we dig deep! 

Restrictions on support: USA/Canada/UAE:

I am unable to provide support to families in USA and North America/Canada due to limitations and restriction on my professional indemnity insurance.

I am also unable to provide support for families in countries where the use of Skype and FaceTime are illegal, at the moment this includes all Middle East countries such as UAE and Qatar, as well as China.

Skype or FaceTime - Follow up support calls:

£60 = 1 hour support 

Follow up support chats are offered after the initial 2 hour consultation depending on need and the specific situation; while some sleep / behaviour situations resolve after one consultation, some families may need more support - I don't guarantee "quick fixes" because I really don't know what is underlying any sleep or behavioural difficulty until i have investigated in depth, and I will not make assumptions about how quickly they will resolve.

(Read about why I won't make assumptions about children's sleep!).

Follow up Support chats range from 15 to 60 mins, sometimes longer, depending on requirement, and are priced at £60 an hour and include a review email of the chat.

(the support call fee is being reviewed in consideration of time taken on review emails)

Support chats are also available for previous client families to discuss transitions, or to troubleshoot, however, if a further sleep disturbance has manifested over time, I will suggest an in-depth consultation to provide time for investigation and reassessment.

Terms and conditions and Disclaimer:

Terms and conditions apply;

Before the consultation you will be asked to complete a parent form and health questionnaire to be returned along with agreement of T&Cs;

I do not make home visits, all support is provided via Skype or FaceTime;


I am not medically trained, and I am not a lactation consultant or Breastfeeding counsellor.

Parents must ensure their child is healthy and well before embarking on sleep work.

I do not advise; it is parents choice to undertake or follow through any suggestions I may make in relation to their child's sleep.

The child's health remains the parent's responsibility throughout sleep work.

It is the parents responsibility to seek medical advice if their child becomes unwell during the course of sleep work.

Privacy Policy: 

I work in adherence with the current Privacy and data Protection Legislation; Specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679 - the GDPR), and Data Protection Act 2018, and the Privacy and Electronics Communication Regulations 2003. 

I only collect information that is necessary for the specific purpose of supporting you, your child and family;

I do not collect data for mailing lists or encourage use of social media for the specific reasons of protection of personal information and data.

The Nurturing Sleep Privacy Policy is now sent out on application for support / on receipt of parent information.

Chloe, Erik and baby Mae's sleep story

We came to Ann in a rather desperate state of sleep deprivation. Our then 6 month old was waking on average 10 times a night and napping poorly. Although we were well aware of the huge developmental leaps babies go through at that time we felt hopeless. we were recommended Ann by a friend. It came at just the right time.

Ann is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and reassuring. By asking the right questions she tapped into the heart of the issue on our first session and put a comprehensive personalized plan in place for us to follow. We wanted a gradual approach that took account of her emotional-wellbein​g along the journey, and this was just that.

The plan encouraged us to support her emotionally throughout the day by listening to her and responding sensitively. It helped us gradually move from feeding to sleep to helping her settle with us and then slowly without us. It also worked with her biological readiness to sleep and circadian rhythm. This meant the plan changed with her development and ensured her naps and bedtime were always right for her.

I can now say, she sleeps so peacefully at night, straight through. Has for months. It feels like a miracle and we feel so empowered by the process. She is such a happy content little being and we place so much of that on Ann's advice and support. We feel secure in the knowledge that her emotional well-being is at the heart of this process.

We cannot thank Ann enough or recommend her enough. This is a kind and caring way to ensure you and your little one sleep well.

Thank you for everything Ann!

Chloe, Erik and baby Mae (now 1 year)

East Lothian, Scotland. (February 2020)

Working with Ann

Due to high demand and success of skype /FaceTime chat and consultation support :-

I do not offer set support set/timed plans or periods of support. This is because I have found families can gain positive outcomes with the consultation and follow up support chat approach. This approach is also more flexible in terms of "pacing" the process to meet each unique baby, child and family's needs, and the teasing out potential "layers" of barriers to sleep. One size does not fit all.

Due to high demand, I sometimes need to work with a waiting list and I sometimes need to close the contact form to regulate incoming work.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I'm currently taking a summer break, and am taking bookings for July 2022.

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The play elements (of sleep work) really helped us a lot, were fun for all and we could all be a part of; and certainly a big benefit was understanding why she was crying and working with her emotional wellbeing to help her to a better place within herself.

Parents of 14 month old toddler.

Your support was absolutely amazing . It always felt like I was being hugged. I cried after the first time I spoke to you. Most times in todays world people get shot down for asking for help and feel judged. People think that you must be doing something wrong because your child doesn’t sleep. After speaking to you I knew you were on my side and not going to tell me all the things that I had done wrong. You have genuine compassion for the situation and people. I can never thank you enough.

July 2015